January 4: Andrew Cedermark/Typefighter/Tree River (@ Paperhaus)


June 15: Superhuman Happiness/Dead Mellotron/Tree River (@ Above The Bike Shop)

May 24: La Big Vic/Arms/Do While (@ Above The Bike Shop)


June 22: Family Portrait/James Adomian

March 29: The Wham City Educational Seminar

March 16: Everything Is Terrible! Presents DOGGIEWOGGIEZ! POOCHIEWOOCHIEZ!


December 17: Cool Guys Hanging Out, Hosted By Brandon Wardell (ft. James Adomian, Courtney Fearrington, Ahmed Huidobro, Justin Cousson)

December 16: Volta Bureau/Protect-U/Beautiful Swimmers

November 18: Balam Acab/Run DMT/Happy Family

November 4: Zongo Junction/Co La

October 22: Weatherbox/Sainthood Reps/Buildings

October 15: Moss of Aura/La Big Vic/Universe

August 19: Celebration/Deleted Scenes/Tree River

August 10: Alex Bleeker & The Freaks/Flower Orgy

July 25: Teengirl Fantasy/Pictureplane/Gatekeeper

July 9: Live From The Lab Presents: Comedy Underground

June 11: JD Allen Trio/Elijah Jamal Balbed Quintet

May 13: Adventure/Body Language

April 29: You Me Them Everybody & Live From The Lab Present: Comedy Underground

April 22: Monopoly Child Star Searchers/Dolphins Into The Future/Floris Vanhoof

March 26: Wham City: A Night of Comedy (ft. Dan Deacon, Adam Endres, Egg Schrader, Ben O’Brien, R.M. O’Brien, Erin Gleeson, Mason Ross, Robby Rackleff, A Funny Clown and musical guests The Creepers & The Ram Ones)

March 19: Mi Ami/Protect-U/Hume

February 23: Lower Dens/Secret Mountains/Weekends

January 9: Julian Lynch/Big Troubles/Wet Dream

January 5: Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society/Fight The Big Bull


December 4: Hume/Dustin Wong/Andrew Cedermark

October 22: Beautiful Swimmers/Protect-U/Innergaze

August 27: Andrew Cedermark/Tennis/Family Portrait

June 17: Woodsman/Family Portrait/M. Pyres

March 26: Radical Face/Snowbaby/Tree River/Bedouin/Shining Through